Back in August, comedian Dane Cook assailed the marketing job for his upcoming movie My Best Friend's Girl, claiming that it was the "best / funniest film" he'd ever made but that its quality was overshadowed by a photoshopped poster that left his face looking like "Brittany Spears' [sic] vagina." Then, the film actually came out, and critics treated Cook's vulva-tastic mug like it was the least of the rom-com's problems. Now, co-star Alec Baldwin is leaping into the fray, admitting on his official website that he'd rather watch My Name is Earl than have to sit through My Best Friend's Girl again:

Recently, someone posted here a rather harsh criticism of the movie MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL and laid into me, with a vigorous and stinging tone, suggesting that the film was beneath me and that they were severely disappointed in me for participating in it. They were right. The movie is not very good at all. The only thing I offer you is an explanation. Not an excuse. In the movie business, few people, if any, set out to make a bad or even mediocre film. The script, director, cast and production values lead one to believe that there is an opportunity to be had there. Whether that opportunity is for a low-brow, yet funny, comedy or for a soaring drama, for an action film experience unlike any other or an unforgettable love story, movie people arrive at work with high hopes. They work hard to try to serve good material or elevate that material that may have a few "holes" in it. But not every movie is THE GODFATHER or FORREST GUMP or ANNIE HALL. Yes, I have made some pretty awful films. But, like most film and TV actors I have known, I would have gone to any lengths to make them better. Filmmaking is a highly risky endeavor, more so today than ever. For you. And for me.

Points for honesty, Alec, though we're beginning to get a little concerned about your new habit of diminishing every role you've ever taken, whether it's fluff like My Best Friend's Girl or a masterpiece like 30 Rock. Sir, you've got a well-earned Emmy — go rest on your laurels before you start disavowing your "In the Year 2000" guest stint on Conan O'Brien. [Photo Credit: AP]