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Daily Intel has some exciting news this afternoon about Marisa Noel Brown. (You remember Marisa, don't you? She's the daughter of Walter Noel, the hedge fund manager who lost about $7 billion of his investors' money to Bernie Madoff.) It seems Marisa started a jewelry line last fall—a couple of months before the Noel name was disgraced forever—and Marisa happily reports that for the next week, her line will be featured in window of Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue. Yay! She also says her company now has a website; do note that she seems to have dropped the "Noel" and is going by "Marisa Brown" these days. Do also give serious consideration to purchasing one of her $50-85 creations. "There's always the chance that Irving Picard will sue them and redistribute their profits to the old people and charities that lost all their money to Bernie Madoff." [NYM/Daily Intel]