• Hotel Griffou opens in the old Marylou's space this evening. [NYT, GS]
New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni serves up a one-star review to a "somewhat confused and confusing" Rye in today's paper. [NYT]
• Bloomberg's Ryan Sutton has very good things to say about Aldea. [BN]
• Rumor has it Café Gitane will open at the Jane Hotel this fall. [TFB]
• Speaking of the Jane, here's another photo tour of the new bar. [Gothamist]
• Did you know that restaurants make more money when they remove dollar signs from the menu? Or that chefs place the dishes they want to sell on the center of the inside right page of their menu? It's true. [Baltimore Sun via GS]

• Rooftop gardening gets love from both the Times and WSJ today. [NYT, WSJ]
• Seven workers at Remi are suing the eatery for the violating labor laws. [NYT]
• Noel Ashman's defunct club, Plumm, is now in the hands of Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano. But he reports he has his eye on a new venue and the door will be "tougher than anything existing right now." Good luck with that. [GS]
• Looks like it's back to the grind for the baristas at Starbucks. [WSJ]