It's been a year and four months since we learned of the dissolution of the marriage of Hollywood superproducer (and lesser-known rising sign) Brian Grazer to his screenwriter/author ex-wife, Gigi Levangie. And while the split was by all reports amicable—never once resulting in Grazer turning to his Cultural Attaché 2.0 in a moment of weakness, and uttering the words, "How about bringing me a Nobel laureate who can figure out a way for me to stop hemorrhaging alimony. Huh? Got one of those in your little idea bag, bigshot?"—the divorce proceedings have splayed open the couple's finances for all the nosy world (that would be you) to see. Details after the jump.

Grazer's cash haul per year is $28 million, 13 mil of which came from just his production co. salary. The rest comes from "corporate distributions ... perquisites ... as well as interest and dividend income." Gigi is asking for nearly a million per month in child and spousal support ($988,184), including a grand per month for "furniture and appliance replacement" at their Hawaii house. She spends $7K for "fine art" every month ... just for their NYC pad. But here's the good news for Brian — she's only asking for $42 a month to clean the New York pad.

It's really up to the individual to decide when the moment is right to pull open the bedroom drapes and let the sun shine onto a new chapter in one's life. Perhaps it takes a grueling, 28-day laptop Wack-A-Grazer marathon—with breaks only to address basic bodily functions and scrape some sustenance out from the bottom of a frosting container—to emerge from the other side fully intact, confident that $1 million plus cable series residuals will offer enough of a mental cushion to hit the Hollywood husband circuit again.