A highly placed Defamer operative tells us TMZ has gotten the details of the Brian and Gigi Grazer divorce (he gets the freedom to personally pinch-test whomever he pleases, they say, she gets $1,000,042 a month)—wrong. For starters, they don't even own a home in New York. Read the details after the jump:

They dont have an NYC house—they both stay at the Mercer Hotel when in town. Also: She's not getting ANY of the houses. They were all in his name. He's buying her home, but he keeps Hawaii and all of the LA homes. And she signed a pretty airtight prenup (which is why they split right before the ten-year mark). She is getting more, but not $12 mil a year.

We're still waiting to see the legal documents TMZ refers to in their story. In the meantime, we'll turn back to the only science we can rely on in these contradictory times—the stars—for guidance. We're a Grazer with a Bruckheimer rising. What are you?