Everything You Thought You Knew About The Grazers' Divorce Settlement May Be Wrong! A highly placed Defamer operative tells us TMZ has gotten the details of the Brian and Gigi Grazer divorce (he gets the freedom to personally pinch-test whomever he pleases, they say, she gets $1,000,042 a month)—wrong. For starters, they don't even own a home in New York. Read the details after the jump:

They dont have an NYC house—they both stay at the Mercer Hotel when in town. Also: She's not getting ANY of the houses. They were all in his name. He's buying her home, but he keeps Hawaii and all of the LA homes. And she signed a pretty airtight prenup (which is why they split right before the ten-year mark). She is getting more, but not $12 mil a year.
We're still waiting to see the legal documents TMZ refers to in their story . In the meantime, we'll turn back to the only science we can rely on in these contradictory times—the stars —for guidance. We're a Grazer with a Bruckheimer rising. What are you?