Maureen McCormick stopped by The Today Show this morning in support of her new autobiography, Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice. We were prepared to settle in for the old former-child-star song n' dance: the typecasting, the self-loathing, the drug binging, the weight-loss reality show comebacks. What we weren't quite ready for was the McCormick Family Ugly Secret, which the actress reveals without a much-needed warning to first shoo your children out of the room: Syphilis, you see, destroyed her family.It led her grandmother to die inside the walls of an asylum, which in turn caused her grandfather to take his own life a week later. Her mother then contracted the social disease. McCormick herself—while playing the perfect all-American girl on screen—was also secretly terrified that she too had caught it, counting down her last moments of sanity as she brushed her hair an obsessive 100 times. If that hasn't ruined The Brady Bunch for you forever, perhaps you'll be just as thrilled to learn that McCormick came thisclose to losing her virginity to Barry "Greg" Williams, that she also harbored a crush on her gay father, and that a casually tossed off comment about having kissed Jan (and liking it) has led to her estrangement from Eve Plumb. Harsha, harsha, harsha! The interview: Click to view