No one quite understood why venture capitalist Stewart Alsop was handing out salamis at Alsop Louie Partners' annual party at Tres Agaves Tuesday night. Power investors in the crowd: Ann Winblad and Ron Conway. The boring business gossip: Sequoia's funereal presentation to entrepreneurs on the coming financial apocalypse. The more interesting personal gossip: Alsop is dating Robin Wolaner, the founder of Parenting magazine — see, everyone's a founder of something in the Valley! — and the author of CEO confessional Naked in the Boardroom. (Since I first wrote this post, Wolaner emailed me to mention that she's also, much more recently, the founder of TeeBeeDee, a social networking website.)Alsop hastened to clarify to partygoers that Wolaner is his "no. 1 girlfriend." Why the enumeration? He still has a habit of picking up other women. I mean that literally. I saw him pick a blonde girl off the floor and give her a full-body hug at the party. That's leverage, of some kind or another. I took one of Stewart's sausages to give to the host at my next party.