Andrew Baron, the founder of videoblog Rocketboom, has reported that his dad, prominent trial lawyer Fred Baron, is dying of cancer. His one chance, an experimental lifesaving drug, was denied by its manufacturer, Biogen Idec. We won't mention how Fred paid to relocate Rielle Hunter, the mistress of former presidential candidate John Edwards, out of hte spotlight. Or how Baron père and fils fought over the funding of Rocketboom, which Fred supplied. No, we'll just point you to this grotesque demand from a commenter on FriendFeed, Peter Huesken:

Might it help to make it even clearer how little time is left by adding a timestamp to your original post, and/or make some sort of a timer. It would be terrible if part of the crowd decides not to forward this because there's unclarity regarding the remaining amount of time.

What is Huesken asking for? Boil it down: He wants Andrew to code up an "Is my dad dead yet" widget. So unseemly, and yet so typical: Even when dealing with something as horrific as the imminent death of a parent, Internet users just want us to think about them and their needs.