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The Daily News brings us a few photos inside Ruth and Bernie Madoff's Upper East Side penthouse today, so if you've been dying for a peek at the pattern of their $35,000 Persian carpet—which, like everything else in the apartment, will be up for auction at some point in the future—you're in luck.

How the News obtained the pics isn't explained (apparently there are a few more shots in the physical newspaper). But given a photo agency was involved and the apartment was staged for the occasion, it's quite possible Ruthie is making some money off the deal. If you happen to spot her in a Town Car today in lieu of the subway, you'll have your answer.

Update: A tipster tells us these photos were actually included in this book, which was published in 1990. So they're almost 20 years old and getting passed off as part of "an exclusive look inside" the Madoff apartment? Scandal! If you know more, do let us know.

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