If ever there were a show created for the broad swath of red-state America pejoratively known as "flyover country," Two and a Half Men would be it. The top-rated sitcom is square enough to have landed a slot on Gawker's list of the most conservative shows on TV (not to mention the fact that 40% of its titular men were sighted at a recent McCain rally). However, Raw Story brings word that Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre is sneaking liberal, Fox News-bashing messages into his other CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, via near-subliminal vanity cards like this:

Control of the media equals control of the populace. I am endowed like a stallion. And also why a state run television news channel is so very dangerous. I am endowed like a stallion. Now there are those who would argue this has already happened and that a certain cable news channel is actually a covert extension of our government. I am endowed like a stallion. The fact that the channel is run by a high-ranking party official, an anchor person from the channel became a White House spokesman, and another top-ranking party official became an on-air news commentator is often used to make this argument. I am endowed like a stallion. Of course, this fact would be entirely inconsequential if the oft-repeated falsehoods they attempt to imbed into the Zeitgeist were simply amusing, or at worst, inane. I am endowed like a stallion. But, unfortunately, that is not the case. I am endowed like a stallion. The heavy repetition of lies and smears for political gain are by no means inconsequential. I am endowed like a stallion. Which is why each and every one of us must use whatever resources we have at our disposal to disseminate the actual truth.

We're impressed that the most assuredly well-hung Lorre has been able to push anti-Fox sentiment in an environment as middlebrow as CBS Monday nights. The revolution may not be televised, but we'd rather sit through a two-second title card encouraging us to challenge the system than a thirty-second long setup/punchline involving a randy Charlie Sheen uttering variations on "I banged her!"