Hey, here's one of the many fundamental secrets of LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS: you know what plays on television? Novelty and conflict. If you're a Democrat who likes McCain, you get to be on CNN! If you're a Republican who's turned against his party, you get to be on Colbert! The corollary is if you're a staunch party line conservative, you'll always have a seat at a table that also features a staunch party line Democrat. So the National Review twits currently experiencing head trauma trying to figure out why their colleagues who dislike Sarah Palin keep getting on TV should probably make note of Ramesh Ponnuru's startling claim that some producers cut him from their roundtables for not being conservative enough. (And if we were a bit crankier we might note that the spectrum of opinions regularly entertained as serious on television ranges from Pat Buchanan's to, representing the left, Paul Begala. But Olbermann has that smug guy from The Nation on every so often so it's all ok and the world is fair.)