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WWD has a long piece today on Michael Wolff, the Vanity Fair columnist who has had a rough few months ever since we first reported that he was carrying on an affair with a former Vanity Fair intern named Victoria Floethe. If you've been wondering what Wolff has been doing since he disgraced himself so fully (or you're interested in seeing a photo of where he's currently living), you should enjoy.

We were especially pleased, though, to see that the WWD piece was accompanied by our a scan of Wolff's author photo from his 1979 book White Kids. It's a gorgeous picture, you'll have to admit. And it now it can be yours! Since there really is no value to anything that Wolff writes, we're going to give the book away. For free. Consider it a pre-Fourth of July gift. Just email us at We'll pick someone at random and send it to you, and we'll even pay the postage. We're never going to actually read it. And frankly we could use the shelf space.

Update: We have a winner. Thanks for playing!