The most important thing to remember about tonight's Presidential Debate is that if you want to watch it you'll need to Tivo Project Runway. Also kindly old Bob Sheiffer will moderate and the candidates will be sitting down, at a table. Sheiffer is a genial old Texan who is probably a Republican and therefore is in the tank for McCain but that won't actually make any sort of difference. Barack Obama double-dared John McCain to make Ayers accusations to his face and McCain promised that he would but honestly we won't be surprised if he doesn't bring it up explicitly. The debates exist in their own parallel universe outside the headlines so don't expect too much substantive difference in subjects covered and arguments made. But it still might be better than last week! Because they're sitting down. Debates where the candidates sit at the same table almost always feautre more lively discussion than the boring podium ones. The candidates have a harder time delivering speeches to an audience or to the camera and they sometimes accidentally engage in discussion with each other. Or they just snipe back and forth, like Cheney and John Edwards in 2004. (That debate was awesome. GAY DAUGHTERS FOR EVERYONE!) Who knows what crazy tactic or stunt McCain will try but it will probably fall flat. Obama will be serious and cool like before. If Obama's current lead is momentum than that momentum will increase. If it is a high that will tighten as we get closer to election day (our theory!) it will tighten a bit. And you know even if it is interesting it probably won't "matter" except in the only way the last two debates "mattered": as part of the ritual of finally deciding that one of these jokers will be ok to see on tv for the next four years. The end!!!