Playboy-professor Nouriel Roubini has never ridden so high. The NYU economist was one of the first to warn of impending financial doom; he's burnished his reputation as an eligible intellectual; and I'm sure the regular parties at his vagina-decorated Tribeca apartment are more popular than ever among his Facebook lady-friends. Unfortunately, his economic judgment and taste in women are not matched by public relations skills: provoked by two rather affectionate pieces on his parties and Facebook stalking, Roubini has launched the most extraordinary and embarrassing tirade on my Facebook wall. Apparently the words playboy and roué are the same terms used by Nazis to describe lecherous Jews; case closed. Roubini's personal meltdown-as dramatic as the economic disintegration he's so long predicted-is entirely understandable. It was 2am when he wrote the barrage of Facebook messages reproduced after the jump; the market plunged again yesterday; and Dr. Doom must feel beset by enemies-though not at Gawker, where he promises to provide weeks of good copy and entertainment.