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The first Jackson-related book was published last weekend—apparently two Chinese writers "slaved for 48 hours straight," subsisting "on a diet of coffee and cigarettes" to finish it. But a quick look at Publishers Marketplace indicates many more are on the way, including one that will be on sale as early as next week. Let the feeding frenzy begin:

J. Randy Taraborrelli's long out-of-print biography on Michael Jackson, to be republished as MICHAEL JACKSON: THE MAGIC, THE MADNESS, THE WHOLE STORY, 1958-2009, "fully updated throughout to reflect Taraborrelli's extensive continuous research since the original publication in 1990," to Jamie Raab at Grand Central, for hardcover publication in July 2009, by Mitch Douglas at Mitch Douglas Literary and Theatrical (US).

Ian Halperin's UNMASKED: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, a sympathetic portrait that explores Jackson's prescription drug use, his ties to Scientology, the author's conclusion that Jackson was not a child molester, and the prophetic revelation Halperin made last December that Jackson had only six months to live, to Anthony Ziccardi for Simon Spotlight Entertainment, with Lauren McKenna editing, for publication on July 14, 2009, by Jarred Weisfeld of Objective Entertainment on behalf of the author and Transit Publishing.

THE MICHAEL JACKSON TREASURES, an illustrated treasury with 180 images and 15 to 20 pieces of removable memorabilia to offer fans a hands-on exploration of the struggles and triumphs in his career, to Barnes & Noble Books, for publication in fall 2009 release, produced by becker&mayer! (NA).

And to think: this is just the first week. Imagine how many more books will come along after he's buried and authors have time to, like, reflect on things and stuff.