· Steve Carell is attached to play the "bravest," "dumbest" soldier in Napoleon's army in The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard. History buffs, we're sorry to tell you this comedy is coming from the guys who wrote Blades of Glory. [Variety] · Fox has signed a seven-figure deal with Will Arnett, which includes the development of a new sitcom. We'd gladly pop a fistfull of forget-me-nows if it means moving past our Arrested Development grieving and starting afresh with Gob: Master of Illusion. [Variety] · Paramount is reducing its 2009 slate from 25 to 20 releases in an "effort to make the company leaner and more efficient." They'll achieve this through the relatively painless decision to stop planned back-to-back production on Love Gurus 2 through 6. [Variety] After the jump: What sacred fanboy graphic text is Tom Cruise circling hungrily?· Warners has hired "rookie" screenwriter Brad Ingelsby to adapt DC's graphic novel Sleeper for the screen. Tom Cruise has "shown interest" in the material in the only way he knows how—inviting the rough first draft to dinner at his home, then strapping it to the back of his motorcycle for the ride of a lifetime. [THR] · The Partridge Family are getting back on the bus, with a new pilot greenlit by—you guessed it—NBC. Casting agents are on the lookout for a "smart-alecky redheaded teen with glimmers of deep psychological damage way down the line." [THR]