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We've received a bit more info on Ali Wise, the Dolce & Gabbana publicist and social fixture who was arrested this week for allegedly hacking into the voicemail account of interior designer Nina Freudenberger. And it looks like Freudenberger may not be quite as innocent as she's led on. As Page Six reported today, the man at the middle of this little squabble is Josh Deutsch, the founder of Downtown Records.

Both women were romantic with Deutsch, as Freudenberg confirmed to the Post today. The feud started, our source tells us, when Freudenberger caught wind that Wise had gone on a romantic weekend getaway with Deutsch—back when she was still involved with her boyfriend of several years, hotel owner Jason Pomeranc.

When a jealous Freudenberger learned that Wise had cheated on her boyfriend, we hear she took the initiative to call up Pomeranc and brief him on this news personally, which led Pomeranc to end his relationship with Wise. Naturally, Wise wasn't all that thrilled that Freudenberger had turned her in, and she retaliated by hacking into Freudenberger's voicemail account. "The paranoia started from there," the source tells us, which is why, as Page Six's source indicates, Wise has since "been targeting people who have been with Jason and her ex-boyfriend."

So no one is really innocent here. Not that anyone who travels in these circles ever is, of course.