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Ali Wise's lawyer is responding to the charges she hacked into the voicemail account of fellow social butterfly Nina Freudenberger. Attorney Mark Jay Heller says Wise didn't do anything wrong—or at least commit the crimes she's been accused of—since the charge of eavesdropping only applies to conversations that were overheard and/or recorded, not voicemails. And she couldn't have engaged in "computer trespassing" if phones—and not computers—are involved: "He [Heller] said authorities had misapplied new laws governing technology. The eavesdropping charge should be dismissed because, among other reasons, Wise had not overheard or recorded a conversation, Heller said. Of the computer trespass charge, he said authorities had not alleged or proven, 'that Ali engaged in any 'unauthorized' conduct in conjunction with a computer or computer service.'"

Meanwhile, Wise seems to have one very determined defender, who posted comments here and here over the weekend:

nina freudenberger is in NO way innocent here , agreed. everyone knows she is a stalker and doing this for press!!!! ali never went on a trip with josh while she was with jason , she dated josh 3 years before! get the facts straight please. but nina DID email and call jason once josh dumped her. josh was always in love with ali and made sure all his subsequent girlfriends knew it. this is all about jealous girls vying for attention.

i personally know ali and she is the exactly the kind of girl i would want to bring home! sweet, smart, caring, and fun!!! a lot has been said about her but she has always been in love with jason. she is a great friend and the truth about this whole situation will come out. seems to be alot of jealousy and immature behavior esp from that nina girl. ali wins in the hottness department either way!!

We're not sure the "hotness department" defense may do much for Wise when the matter goes to court. But, hey, if a judge doesn't dismiss the case on a technicality, it's always something to fall back on.

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