Everyone's Got A Theory About Madonna Divorce

  • Madonna's estranged, tell-all-writing brother Chris Ciccone blamed Kabbalah for her divorce from Guy Ritchie. Others, meanwhile, blame Ritchie's "unsympathetic" reaction to her 2005 fall from a horse, which broke eight bones.
  • Freelance gossip columnist Baird Jones' will was found, along with three crates of his stuff, in the basement of his building. He left everything to artist Stephen Hooper. [P6]
  • Billy Bob Thornton denied sending dirty text messages to David Duchovny's wife Tea Leoni. That's just how he says "hello." [Sun]
  • Bruce Willis is getting married again to model and actress Emma Hemming. [Daily Star]
  • Jennifer Aniston is still hanging out with John Mayer, most recently to celebrate his birthday. [Daily Star]
  • Ringo Starr is really sorry — sorry you can't deal with him not signing autographs any more, HA HA. [Sun]