The "goofy white guy acting goofy in comparison to cool black people" is, in my mind, the single most annoying trope in all of advertising. Under the guise of (incredibly tired) humor, it purports to poke fun at goofy white people. But it's actually kind of racist. "Black people: so much cooler than us whites! Well, we'll just have to make do with controlling the power structure, while they maintain their supremacy in song and dance!" So I have to give extra special props to Holiday Inn Express for coming up with an ad that finally subverts this idea in a way that is not horribly embarrassing to everyone involved: The key to this ad's success: they got an actual underground rapper to write the lyrics, which you can tell by the use of the word "paradigms," which is mandated by law to appear once in every underground hip hop verse: Click to view
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