It's not just me that gets jailed on bullshit charges. Frequently-banned Gawker commenter/troublemaker, ubiquitous downtown partygoer, and blogger/web designer Brian Van just got out of 34 hours in Brooklyn Central Booking. WTF did he do? "I am being charged with a felony of criminal mischief of busting up a Plexiglass display on a New York City subway train with a Wiffle ball bat," he told us. Of course, he maintains his innocence on all charges!Mr. Van entered the D train at Altantic Avenue with a Wiffle ball bat. (The brianvanisinjail blogs explains this jokingly(?) with, "I was on my way to Chaya’s so that she could shove it up my ass. Is that so wrong?" At the DeKalb stop, the doors opened and police officers were there, waiting for him. The subway driver had apparently called them over the intercom. He was promptly cuffed. Two questions: how much damage can one (allegedly) cause with a plastic Wiffle ball bat? And how could the train driver see what was going on in the train while he was driving it? Any jail stories? "No comment," he says. "I'm no snitch!" But: "I was in a pen with a bunch of people who were in there for getting caught with weed... there were some career people there to help me navigate the system." He'll go back to court in December. There may be a "legal defense fund" party. His dad's a retired police officer, by the way. But the experience has its upsides: "Im getting IMs all over the place, and I just gained like 50 followers on Tumbler. It's insane."