Never in the last decade has there been more workplace gossip to leak than now. But-for the same economic reasons-everybody's more paranoid than ever that the boss' IT agents are snooping. Some Gawker tipsters are reluctant to send email from work computers. So we're opening a telephone tipline. Dial *67 to obscure the caller ID and then 646-214-8138 646-470-GAWK (646-470-4295) (this phone number changed in April, 2011) to leave Gawker's editors a voicemail. For the rules, read on.

  • We won't be publishing the caller ID but do block the number to be absolutely safe.
  • If your voicemail is for our ears only, please say so. (Otherwise we'll assume we can run the audio.)
  • If you're leaving an anonymous tip, please still speak as clearly as possible, spell any easily confused names, give web address of any background information and explain your interest in seeing the story published.
  • You can also send an email to or to individual editors. Otherwise just leave a voice message after the tone and we'll get to it as soon as possible.