First Photo of Brad Pitt Hints 'Basterds' Is Just a Catalogue Shoot After a long slog winning over everyone from skeptical Germans to Cloris Leachman , Quentin Tarantino is already a little more than a week into shooting his World War II action epic Inglourious Basterds [sic] . And now the first photo from the set features star Brad Pitt in smooth, modelesque repose — just the way we remember our grandfathers telling us about the European front. See him in all his Nazi-scalping sartorial splendor after the jump.We thought at first that Pitt looked a little aged as Basterds ' Lt. Aldo Raine; maybe not Benjamin Button -aged, but certainly more distinguished than the frosted flake he portrayed last month in Burn After Reading or the sandaled hero sure to follow in his forthcoming The Odyssey . It's most likely just us, though, perhaps having missed the stage direction in Tarantino's bootlegged script that called for "a tall, brooding Jew, Abercrombie-coiffed, and boasting the weathered visage of one top-secret orphan-hunt too many." Either way, wake us up when Cloris arrives. First Photo of Brad Pitt Hints 'Basterds' Is Just a Catalogue Shoot