It's just eleven Sarah Palin-glasses-shopping-days 'til Halloween, and in honor of the spookiest night of the year (besides the ones in which Holly Madison attempted to conceive at the *THUNDER CRASH!!!* Playboy mansion), we thought we'd pull together ten of the greatest Halloween-themed TV specials to haunt and delight our distant youths. We think you'll find that all the essentials are there—your Great Pumpkins, your Roseannes, but sifting through the YouTube stacks, we were reminded of some long-forgotten gems:

For example, few of you are probably old enough to remember 1970's The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, starring Uncle Arthur and a galaxy of stars—including Margaret Hamilton in full Wicked Witch of the West garb, Billie "Witchiepoo" Hayes...and KISS, for crying out loud! If that's not enough to make your inner-gay explode and ooze down your insides, we also found a clip from The Halloween That Almost Wasn't, the discoriffic 1979 TV movie starring Judd Hirsch as a Count Dracula hellbent on putting the bite back into the scariest holiday. As always, notable omissions are welcome in the comments...if you dare!!! Ah ah ah ah ah!!!