Austrian Fascist Spent Final Hours at Gay Nightclub Joerg Haider, the Austrian extreme rightist who died in a car crash while going twice the speed limit last week, spent the last moments of his life partying at gay hot spot Stadtkraeme, according to the German newspaper Bild . Maybe European Neo-Nazis just like to dance?

Haider's evening began with a surprise appearance at the launch party of a new Austrian tabloid, where he was photographed in the company of a young local woman. At the same party, Haider, 58, gave what would become his last interview, speaking to a reporter about his passion for Italian wine, among other things. However, contrary to previous reports, the evening of the charismatic leader did not end there. Before heading home, Haider made a quick visit to Stadtkraeme, a local club famous for its gay night scene. Haider was spotted leaving the place on his own shortly before 1 A.M., fatally crashing his car half an hour later.
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