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Ali Wise won't go down as the only member of the social set to spend time in handcuffs this month. Jules Kirby, the "champagne-swilling" party girl and perennial favorite on blogs like Park Avenue Peerage and Guest of a Guest—and ex-girlfriend of Nevan Donahue, Olivia Palermo's layabout cousin from The City—was arrested in Southampton over July 4th weekend. For attempting to steal an American flag. By the way, did we mention it was July 4th weekend?

Here's how it went down, according to the Southampton police blotter, which appeared here:

Julia Kirby, 27, of New York City, was arrested and charged with petit larceny on Friday, July 3 at approximately 4:13 a.m. According to reports, police observed Kirby rip down a large Betsy Ross American flag off the porch of the 1708 House on Main Street. In addition, she was charged with consuming an alcoholic beverage in public. She was held for morning arraignment.

It was disturbing enough to hear that members of the social set were turning to advanced technology to commit their crimes. Now they've stooped to desecrating the American flag? Goodness!

We emailed Kirby—whose legal first name is Julia—to confirm it's one and the same. But the ages match up and DMV/phone records suggest there's only one 27-year-old woman named Julia Kirby with an address in NYC, so it's hard to imagine it isn't her, especially since she has a rep for slightly outrageous behavior. (Just ask the Ritz-Carlton in Barcelona.)

We eagerly await news of the next socialite to spend some time behind bars. These things usually come in threes and we're only halfway through the summer, so it's just a matter of time, really. Who will be the next to go down? Feel free to email us or submit a contribution with your predictions.

Photos: Guest of a Guest