Are you a weary office drone who chokes down a dry, overpriced sandwich from the local deli in front of your computer every day, wishing that you could take a full hour to relax and eat some quality food for once in your miserable life? Well the ConAgra corporation feels your pain! And in order to help you they've enlisted someone you, the little people, can look up to: Ivanka Trump. She is using a modern "blog" to reach all the depressed, overworked potential ConAgra lunch customers! It all began last week, when Ivanka, daughter of The Donald and main squeeze of The Jared Kushner, informed the public via some blog that she would soon be setting up a "lunch trade" to revitalize your boring existence:

I am constantly on the go and often feel guilty about trading lunch for a business appointment and eating the same boring food day after day. But, I found a solution that is going to positively impact everyone’s office lunch—forever changing the way people like us think about our mid-day meal options.

"People like us" meaning you, Ivanka's peers, the little people! You probably felt the anticipation in your own office last week:

I am really excited about next week and hear there is buzz in break rooms across the country with employees hopeful that their corporations will be among the first to introduce a Lunch Trade.

Oh, the buzz was palpable. Turns out this was all a "stunt" to promote ConAgra's new Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers. But that doesn't mean Ivanka doesn't really care about you!

“We wanted somebody who would appeal to a younger office worker who’s technology-savvy,” said Michael Locascio, vice president at ConAgra. “We wanted someone they could identify with, someone they knew, but also not somebody that was on the front of every tabloid.”

Ha, yes. During lunch today you can read the (appropriately) pissiest NYT story in some time, all about this stunt. Do lunch the Ivanka way: with frozen ConAgra products! [NYT]