Boy, Christopher Buckley's life sucks, he revealed in the Sunday Times to Sheryl Gay Stolberg. His dad and mom died. And oh, also, all the blogs and the New York Post reported on the son he had out of wedlock with his former book publicist and how Wm F. Buckley excluded this child from his will. And then Buckley endorsed Barack Obama and the National Review fired him! All this happened after his dad, who was kind of a famous asshole, died, and maybe now Chris Buckley is trying to be less of an asshole? As he says:

“You are for the first time, I think, fully your own man,” he added. “It’s also awful. I miss him every day. But I can now write about things I was not terribly comfortable writing about.”

And as for that asshole father:

As to his own father, it was “a complicated relationship,” he said. Early on, the elder Mr. Buckley was enthusiastic about his son’s writing. But as the son racked up one best seller after another, the father grew deeply critical. Mr. Buckley can quote word for word: “Sorry, this one didn’t work for me,” or, “As regards your new book, my views are negative.” When his father inscribed books to him, he signed them, “Bill.”

So. Buckley's going to be on The Daily Show this week, and oh, hey, he's written a memoir about his parents that's due out next year. He's also selling an apartment, and, according to Stolberg, he lives just outside Washington with "his wife, Lucy." That would be Lucy Gregg Buckley, with whom he has two in-wedlock children. But, you know, in New York, Buckley's lady of interest has been, for some time, Ms. Jolie Hunt. She has rather openly been his girlfriend for more than a year now! Honestly we don't know what's up with Chris Buckley but his life seems complicated.