There are ways to kill projects you don't want to work on without saying no. You can give the project "death by price tag," as did Alaska's state IT guys when ordered to produce evidence that could only hurt their home state's image. Examining one state employee's inbox for emails sent to Sarah Palin's husband, Todd, would take six hours, they told the Associated Press, which asked for the emails under public-records laws. Multiply that by 16,000 employees, at $73.87 an hour, and you get $15,364,960. It's the kind of math that will only fool a journalist, not an IT guy who's familiar with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, SMTP logs, and journaling file systems. By the time the media figures out what it should really cost, the election will be over. But think twice, guys.Billionaire George Soros once pledged to use his wealth to get Bush out of office. Yeah, we knew he'd bail early. But what happens if the Obama-struck news media decides to foot the bill? If you're right that there's nothing to see, you'll be searching her mails until you retire. Wrong, and you'll need another excuse soon. (Photo by AP/David Zalubowski)