Earlier today, America was introduced to Edit Pakay, the tennis coach who allegedly taught beleaguered sex addict David Duchovny more than just a one-handed backhand. "I am not going to deny it," she helpfully told The Mail. "If you want to write that we have an affair then fine. I will not argue against it." Now, though, after an abduction/probe by Duchovny's lawyers, Pakay is doing just that. Go figure! The chatty-yet-confused tennis instructor took the new version of her story to E!:

"Yeah, we played tennis and we were playing partners and friends," she says. "There is no romance, and we are just friends. No love, nothing. That is all I have to say."

Duchovny's lawyer weighed in on the matter to People:

"The stories about an alleged affair between David Duchovny and his tennis instructor, Edit Pakay, are completely false," attorney Larry Stein says..."Ms. Pakay denied the rumors to me in person last Friday, saying they are just friends, and in addition, said in writing that such stories are 'lies and deceit," he says.

Shame on you, America, for assuming that Pakay was attempting to imply an affair with innocent statements like "I don't want to be the third person in the marriage but I know it can be seen that way." Can't a tennis coach sell her story to a British tabloid, provide personal photos of herself and Owen Wilson, and drop incriminating hints about her ex-employer without everyone jumping to conclusions? Now, if you'll excuse her, Ms. Pakay has to go recreate some notorious teacup pictures for Life & Style — by which she means nothing, ravenous media wolves!