We haven't yet heard who will be the entertainment at Yahoo's Christmas party, scheduled for December 6, four days before the company proceeds with mass layoffs. Yet again, it's being held at a convention center by a racetrack — this year, with a Vegas theme. 2007's party featured a Neil Diamond cover band. For this year, how about Money For Nothing, the Dire Straits tributaries? We're sure they're cheap. Good thing, because a tipster familiar with Yahoo's budget says the company will spend $8 million to $10 million this year on holiday parties alone.Not just the bash in San Mateo, but also festivities for Yahoo's offices in Los Angeles, New York, and around the world. Oh, and more for the divisions. "Each department below Jerry has a party, so you end up going to at least four parties, all for the same company," says our source. For Yahoo, this is just business as usual. "The company leadership is in denial and there are parties every week," our source continues. If a Hollywood producer were to order up a company born out of California's touchy-feely, you're-okay-I'm-okay self-esteem movement, Dreamtown's best screenwriters would be hard pressed to come up with a more risible example than Yahoo, a company devoted to celebrating itself, at the expense of doing anything worth celebrating. Yahoos may not be doing OC-80, but they're addicted to fun for fun's sake — conveniently paid by shareholders. Bread and circuses; but four days after the circus is over, many Yahoos will lose their bread. (Photo by isaacschlueter)