The last days of the presidential campaign were about to make Keith Olbermann's head explode, what with the racism and Islamophobia and calls for death and so forth, so the MSNBC Countdown host is suspending the specialness of his special comments and just doing them every night until he feels like stopping. He knows he "frequently insisted he would never" do this, and he's sorry, but "I suspect this will be the first of nightly pieces, most shorter than this one, until further notice." In other words, the special comments will be regular for a special period, until they go back to being special, as they regularly are. (Olbermann explains in a video after the jump.)

A special comment to Keith Olbermann: The American people do not appreciate being misled, SIR, by your branding lies. But they do think your Special Comments are kind of adorable, and your ratings will probably go through the roof, so no harm no foul.

Below, the first Special Regular Special comment, about the "divisive ugly paranoid bleatings of this presidential race."