Paging John Gruber! Apple's Mac Mini, which CNET once dubbed the harbinger of a "petite-PC revolution," may soon be replaced by something newer, better and inevitably smaller. [UPDATE: Yes, Owen edited in a stupid CNET quote, "petite-PC revolution," which I obviously wouldn't type even while drunk. Bear with him a few days, because Denton just made him lay everyone else off. But Owen, I warn you: Gruber doesn't miss a thing.] Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo reports, "Two major retailers in Europe have confirmed to me that they can't afford any more of the little computers. While this could signal an updated model coming in, they have been told by Apple to expect no more of it. Their impression is that—once again—the Mac Mini may be dead dead DEAD for real." Why do I have the gut feeling these two leakers have been hacked by Apple PR? They'll keep their jobs, but will need to submit to Gizmodo under new names.