Nothing on the fall TV schedule has captured our imaginations more than a tiny, as-yet-untitled program to recently premiere on YouTube, which we informally refer to around Defamer HQ as The William Shatner Has Seriously Lost His Fucking Mind Show . Accompanied by dutiful daughter Liz—the product, it's widely rumored, of a one-beam-stand with a hot little green number from Orion—Shatner has moved on from obsessing over his snubbing from the new Star Trek movie , and now has an entirely new rebuff to fixate on: his exclusion from the George Takei-Brad Altman nuptials .While he enters the conversation with almost Vulcan-like logic (his former Star Trek co-star, whom he "barely knows" but desperately wishes he could have tossed fistfuls of rice at, suffers from acute psychosis-induced jealousy), things quickly start to devolve around the two-minute mark. It's at that point that Shatner begins to drift off to the outer realms, where not even the most up-to-date Universal Translators would be able to untangle his meandering theories on what might have been eating at the bridge's furtively Redshirt-lusting lieutenant all these years.