In New York, the notion that the girl in marketing really wants to be a Broadway singer is taken for granted. In Silicon Valley, it's seen as a bit bizarre. But I'm charmed by Facebooker Randi Zuckerberg's career aspirations. Her singing-and-dancing sideline, first seen in "Valleyfreude," has waxed and waned with the demands of her day job. (Yes, her younger brother, Mark, is her employer.) But she's back with a paean to undecided voters, "Should I Red or Should I Blue?", which she produced (and sang) for Tina Brown's overstaffed, undertrafficked website, the Daily Beast.Something about this arrangement smacks of social climbing. But who's climbing whom? Randi Zuckerberg, one of Facebook's early employees, who helped the site grow to 100 million users? Or a has-been magazine editor, famous in Manhattan but nowhere else, grappling with how to adapt her outrageous spending habits to a far leaner medium, and leaned on her pal Barry Diller to fund and launch the site, rather than trying the entrepreneurial route? From a Left Coast vantage point, it looks like Brown is trying to attach herself to Zuckerberg's star, not the other way around. Zuckerberg, cleverly, registered her own website, A wise hedge, should Brown's website go down in expensive flames.