Everyone is always babbling about the "Bradley Effect"—the supposed tendency of white people to tell pollsters they'll vote for a black guy even though they're racist and won't—and how it might hurt Barack Obama in two weeks. But honestly the Bradley Effect doesn't seem to be applicable this year. Not because white people are less racist, but because they have no good reason to lie about supporting McCain. John McCain's current Election Exit Strategy seems to hinge on Western Pennsylvania and Virginia, and he's going to get those states back in his corner by scaring the shit out of white people. Will it work? McCain might want to look at the dire position modern white supremacist organizations are in; they can barely rile up the neo-Nazis to care that a black guy might be the next president! American National Socialist Workers Party head Bill White may be a neo-Nazi, but he's not voting for John McCain.

"Right now," said White, head of the American National Socialist Workers Party, "we're facing the potential of a half-black candidate financed by Jewish money going up against a white candidate financed by Jewish money, who are both advocating the same policy. So you've got two terrible choices."

The hate groups are demoralized! On the eve of what should be the best election for them in years! Former KKK member and convicted lyncher James Knowles doesn't even hate Obama! The hate group experts at the Southern Poverty Law Center say the white supremacists "are in a more or less stunned position right now. They haven't been able to figure out how to proceed just yet." The problem is that the embittered poor rural white dudes who might align with these groups in bad times (and these are bad times) aren't threatened by Barack Obama. No, they are worried about more important things:

There have been only sporadic reports of racist mailings, though Democrats say they are on the lookout for more. And there has been scant evidence that Obama's candidacy has helped hate-group recruitment, unlike the recent debates over immigration policy, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. White supremacist leaders, while threatening some political action before Nov. 4, similarly attribute their relative lack of activity this year to demographic and societal changes they cannot stop. But they also point to a Republican candidate, Senator John McCain, whose liberal immigration views and staunch support for Israel are against everything they stand for.

See? McCain is precisely the wrong man to win over the neo-Nazis, because he's totally in favor of the Mexicans coming in and stealing all our jobs, and our women! Across the shittier parts of Real America, the immigration debate stirs up way more bile than the threat of a black man being president. So while McCain and Palin stir up some dark, dark behavior from their supporters, they're still not connecting with the enraged hate groups who might help turn out some of those racists to the polls. If he'd picked, say, Lou Dobbs instead of Sarah Palin, he might be getting somewhere. Hating the blacks is passe among redneck idiots. Just ask North Carolina Sheriff Steve Bizzell, who helped his state "team with federal authorities to train local officers to identify and track jailed illegal immigrants, speeding up the deportation process." He just recently said this:

Then Bizzell, in an interview for a newspaper report on immigration reform published last month, complained that ''Mexicans are trashy.'' He pointed to several children playing in one community as if they proved his next generalization about Latinos: ''All they do is work and make love.'' He said Latinos spread a culture of drunkenness and violence through his mostly rural county, a short drive from Raleigh.

And poor John McCain, who favors amnesty and daily "siestas", cannot capitalize on this at all. What a sad state of affairs.