God, it's been a year. I've been keeping a little file of crazed "glaring omission" e-mails from both friends and foes. I've provided a mix n' match quiz. Who said what? It's up to you to guess. Featuring Julia Allison, Emily Gould, Ryan Adams, et al! There's a whole lotta dirt after the jump.
POP QUIZ—MIX N' MATCH 1.) "Jesus Christ, could you be any more of a bitch if you tried?!" 2.) "Seriously, dude, you should just quit... I can't imagine writing any of this shit is making you happy." 3.) "If you really believe what you just wrote you are half-way to soulless." 4.) "thank you for being a very noble and good person" 5.) "i want you to call your broker and buy a LARGE position in SORC tomorrow, after the market opens and BEFORE it closes. They report tomorrow after close and I expect them to beat earnings significantly, and I expect to see a huge short squeeze." 6.) "Did I mention how much sex I've gotten off of Gawker? It's weird. WEIRD!" WHO SAID THE ABOVE? GUESS! The answers are in no particular order, to protect the guilty parties. a.) Emily Gould, former Gawker b.) Ryan Adams c.) Rod Townsend, commenter d.) My boyfriend, after I leaked something off the record e.) Julia Allison f.) ?? Also, the above pic is one of Men's Vogue writer Hud Morgan that someone sent me. Not sure who, or why. But I enjoyed it. Oh, and also, thank you to the person who sent me six pictures of someone (himself?) receiving oral sex. Thank you. All of you! Here's how to get a reservation at the Waverly Inn:

"It said to call Graydon's office (which I will have to find) and tell the receptionist you're a friend of (insert someone who attended his wedding reception) and they asked you to call his office and ask for John because you would like reservations at the precious Waverly Inn. Then they'll put John on the line for your reservation. Is this true and is it that easy??"