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• Jude Law's rep says that the actor recently found out that he's expecting a fourth child. The mom? She's "an unidentified former lover." Congrats? [EW, People]
• It was less than two weeks ago that Mischa Barton was put under psychiatric care after she going on a drug-fueled bender and suffering a breakdown. Now she's in NYC, putting in long hours playing a character with a drug problem. Maybe this isn't the best idea? [NYDN]

• Kim Kardashian says holding up just fine now that she's split up from Reggie Bush. Looks like she's moving on, too. She was seen eating at Serafina with a "hot guy who looks like Reggie [Bush] but is not." [Us, People]
Jennifer Lopez is "extending her 40th birthday celebrations with a trip to Rome." This thing circles the globe and unfolds over a week now? [DM]
• Madonna is now writing newspaper articles. For Israeli newspapers. [AP]
• The 911 tape featuring ESPN's Erin Andrews freaking out is online. [NYP]
• Mel Gibson supposedly got into (another) fight with a paparazzi photographer last night in LA. [TMZ]
• Rachelle Lefevre says she was "stunned" to find out she's been dropped from the Twilight sequel. She'll be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of director Ron Howard. [NYDN, People]
• Amy Winehouse's ex-husband's latest claim to the press? That Amy cheated on him with four different men. [Sun]
• Liam Gallagher and Lily Allen took a flight to Japan that turned into a "riotous booze bender," supposedly. [Sun]
• Michael Jackson's kids supposedly "held hands and prayed" as medics tried to save their father. Grim. [Mirror]
• Speaking of Jackson, Conrad Murray, Jackson's shady personal physician, is in danger of losing his home. Maybe he can come stay with you? [NYDN]