We all have dreams—dangerous, beautiful, wonderful dreams—though, sadly, not all of us get chances to realize them. But when you do get that chance, when those sparkling stars align, oh it's a most joyous occasion. I for one always wanted to get paid for calling people gay. And we all know that turned out! Pretty darn well. Now I'd like to pay it forward, and help out a young Craigslist poster who dreams of going on a romantic getaway to the islands with CNN anchor and silver fox pretty gay man Anderson Cooper. You see, the young fellow, moored in the dusty meat lockers of Chicago, has recently called it quits with his boyfriend of two years. Now he has these plane tickets and these hotel reservations and... sigh. So does anyone have the Coop's email address or phone number to pass on to the young dreamer? Oh, and Anderson, he'll pay for "90% of the expenses"! Who knows what the other 10% will be for. We're guessing that it begins with an 'A' and ends with '-nguillan rent boys with killer brown eyes.'