In a Craigslist post titled "R.I.P. Good Times? Save Money by Sharing our SoMa Office," a San Francisco startup seeks a cotenant to defray its monthly lease. It's an allusion toVC firm Sequoia Capital's times-are-tough presentation, which called on startups to cut their burn rates. What the ad doesn't say: The fact that this startup has space to spare means it rented an oversized office, likely in the hopes of making more hires, and now realizes it can't fill it. Any guesses, based on the details in the ad — a top executive named Justin, an office at 7th and Mission — who it is? Leave them in the comments. Here's the ad, with more pictures:

The economy's tanking, VCs are pulling back, and it's time to tighten up the old belt. So, instead of paying top dollar for your own office space, why don't you save $$$ by sharing with us? We're a super-cool, super-intense early-stage (post series-A) company, with 4600 square feet for only 15 people. So we have extra space. The office is located at Mission & 7th street in SF's SOMA district, one block from BART and only a few blocks from 101, 280 and the Bay Bridge. The office, which is on two floors, has exposed brick walls, exposed timber and steel beams, hardwood floors on the top floor, and ceilings that top 20 feet. We work on an open floorplan (IE desks but no cubes or offices). The space has plenty of natural sunlight, and a quirky art installation left by the previous tenants. A section of the bottom floor would be yours. Space comes equipped with all the necessities - big-screen TV, rock band, pool table, foosball table, and couches throughout. There are two bathrooms, and a glass conference room which you can use when we're not using it. There is space for anywhere from 4-10 people (although 10 would be a tight fit). We'll charge by the desk, which gives you flexibility as you grow. It's available immediately on a month-to-month basis. Please e-mail me (Justin) with additional questions, or to schedule a walk-through.