When Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted funding from Sequoia Capital in 1999, they had no problem finding its Sand Hill Road offices. A decade later, Google Maps doesn't seem to know where 3000 Sand Hill Road is, the swanky-office-park Mecca of venture capital firms, including Sequoia, which funded Cisco, Apple, and Yahoo, in addition to Google. Typing in Sequoia's address takes you to a highway surrounded by brown fields. The real location of the Sand Hill conclave is actually a few minutes northeast, surrounded by a lush golf course watered every day with the sweat and tears of entrepreneurs. So what?Okay, okay — there's an error on the Internet! But far more boring than thinking this is a glitch in Google's database is making up a conspiracy theory that this has something to do with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who maneuvered to get Sequoia partner Michael Moritz off Google's board last year.