Life has been good on the Googleplex, even for contractors; the search engine's legendary perks, spread across its luxuriously infantilizing office parks, have been enjoyed by all. Next month, that changes, a tipster tells us: Contractors will have to stick to designated "zones" based on the building they work in. The main object is to cut the cost of offering foods and other perks by preventing contractors from visiting cafés meant for employees, or using gyms and other facilities on the main campus. But the "zones" have another benefit for management, as Google girds for deeper cuts.They make it easier to group contractors away from employees, sparing Googlers from the painful reality of watching people boxing up their desks. Google is rumored to have laid off 500 contract recruiters — sensible, because the company barely added 500 employees in the third quarter — with more contractor cuts to come, as soon as next week. Will regular employees be spared? Unclear.