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Reality TV brat PC Peterson is said to have deeply upset his grandfather, financier Pete Peterson, over his obnoxious performance on Bravo's NYC Prep. But just because his grandfather is a billionaire doesn't mean PC was necessarily raised living in the lap of luxury.

Society chronicler David Patrick Columbia had dinner over the weekend with PC's mother, Paige Peterson, and explains:

His grandfather, Pete Peterson is a billionaire financier, and so it is assumed in the press that the young man is heir to a fortune. This may play on "Reality" TV but not in real life. Paige, who is divorced from Peter Cary’s father, lives comfortably but modestly in an apartment on Central Park West where she brought up her son and her daughter Alexandra. Grandfather and his money has never been a considered influence in their lives.

We're going to take a leap here and assume that if his grandfather's money hasn't been a big "influence" in PC's life up until now, his role on NYC Prep isn't going to do much to change that.

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