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If you walked down West 18th Street this morning and you saw a long line of women standing outside the Metropolitan Pavilion dressed in outfits from 1999 (or crouched on the ground applying makeup), it's because producers of the Sex and the City sequel are holding an open casting call for extras until 4pm today:

Per the Daily News:

The casting company said it was on the hunt for a vast array of looks and styles: from celebrity types and upscale socialities [sic] to gays and lesbians, international types and even professional soccer players.

But they all stood behind Amanda Rivera, 19, from Pelham Bay, in the Bronx. She scored the first place in line at midnight, decked out in an orange silk prom dress and 4-inch gold beaded heels.

"It's such a great opportunity to get exposure," she said, with her dad acting as her bodyguard beside her.

They start so early these days, don't they?

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