When Elisabeth Hasselbeck wore a John McCain-boosting T-shirt on Tuesday's installment of The View, little did she know it would set off a 24-hour, Defamer-consuming chain reaction that would lead to booing, a now-notorious backstage conflict, and a through-the-looking-glass emergence of this humble blogspot as one of the show's Hot Topics (also, it introduced us to Sheetzucacapoopoo — thanks, Elisabeth!). Now, as Hasselbeck prepares to introduce vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin at two Florida rallies this weekend, one of our agents at The View informs us that the problematic T-shirt was the subject of a contentious ABC conference call today:

There was a conference call this morning between "the powers that be" (ABC) and the show's producers (Barbara and Bill). Elisabeth will not be allowed to wear anymore McCain T-shirts on-air. The number of complaints - phone calls and emails and even negative studio audience comments regarding the T-shirt were staggering, and the network does not want it happening again. How she got away with wearing it on-air is anybody's guess, but it definitely will not happen again.

Looks like Hasselbeck will have to get her 100% cotton ya-yas out this weekend before returning to the usual View wardrobe of elaborate pirate shirts. Enjoy those rallies, Elisabeth, and remember your revised talking points: Whoopi isn't an Arab, but Joy Behar? Not who you think she is!


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