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Raffaello Follieri's precipitous slide from Anne Hathaway's Italian prince to just another fake Pope-anointed land baron hit bottom today in New York, where a judge sentenced him to four and a half years in prison for wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. Follieri, 30, pleaded guilty last month to bilking investors of nearly $2.5 million in funds intended for the Vatican and other low-end Catholic properties; his plea required him to agree not to appeal any sentence up to five years, three months. But it didn't mean he couldn't keep appealing to Hathaway, according to InTouch:

Anne Hathaway’s jailed ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, was recently granted phone privileges — collect calls only — and according to an insider, Anne’s was one of the numbers he dialed. “She wasn’t home to accept the charges, but there was a message left on her voice mail from the automated operator,” her pal reveals. “She’s got mixed emotions about missing the call. She doesn’t want to speak to him, but this is someone she has a history with.”

Since we know he wasn't calling her for anal-sex tips for the clink, we can only imagine the goodbye Follieri had in mind: Maybe a quick apology for that whole thing with her dog; a quick "good luck" for their friend John McCain; kudos for Rachel Getting Married ("But you make-a love in the base-a-ment with that-a douchebag. You break-a my heart!"); and the hope that she would do him one last solid and tell his cellmate that yes, he was in fact the deadbeat Hathaway was telling David Letterman all about. And, of course, a bittersweet ciao, which we share — see you in 2013, Raff.