Shield your eyes, chubby-chasers, feeder-scenesters, and general bear aficionados. Everyone else: Behold, the new, lean n' mean Seth Rogen! The word "schlub" will barely enter your mind as you gaze upon the Zack & Miri Make a Porno star, who's whittled his trademark softserve physique—the one Katherine Heigl once lowered her standards enough to copulate with!—down to the shredded, peak physical specimen you see above. Sure, he tells us it's just for a superhero movie, and he hates every minute of his grueling training regimen. We're not buying it, however, as the satisfied smirks above suggest the kind of guy who keeps lifting his Nike Dri-FIT tanktop to admire some newly birthed abs in the reflection of an Athlete's Foot window. [Photo credit: WireImage at the Porno premiere, and Scream Awards (center)]