Sad news for fans of sophisticated financial swindles: Raffaello Follieri, the con man ex-boyfriend of pixie-like actress Anne Hathaway, has been sentenced to four and a half years in THE SLAMMER for defrauding various investors in his fake-ass imaginary company out of $2 million or so. The Post scored this sweet photo of Follieri, Hathaway, and the Pope, which the Italian pretty boy tried to use for sympathy. Did not work!

Speaking in Italian on Thursday with a translator at his side, Mr. Follieri stood in front of Judge Koeltl and reflected on his misdeeds. “I didn’t start off with the intention of deceiving anyone,” he said. “I started off with good intentions to run an honorable business and make everyone proud of me.” He added: “I have dishonored my family name and the church I love. I will never be able to wash away that stain and I will have to live with it for the rest of my life.” Mr. Follieri will most likely be deported to Italy after he finishes his prison sentence.

The Pope is just as easy to get a photo-op with as John McCain, apparently. [NYT; pic via NYP]