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Bernie Madoff's Montauk estate hasn't been sold off yet. Court-appointed trustee Irving Picard has yet to pick a broker(s) to handle the sale yet—possibly because he's been too busy counting his money—although the competition for the listing is fierce, according to Dan's Papers. And while Dan's debunks one myth that's been making the rounds—"Reports that a group of untidy pot smoking surfers are using the pad to hang out, party and chill is false"—it does offer up a rather tantalizing new rumor, one that may have you rushing over to pay Casa Madoff a visit this weekend:

There are those who believe that Bernie, in the days before coming clean, must have hid tens of millions in unnumbered accounts spread throughout the world to support his lifelong bride and mother to his children...

Is there buried or hidden Madoff treasure on the property? Money in the walls or metal boxes of cash in the garage, attic, basement or buried under the shrubs? I suppose that soon, those guys with metal detectors will be walking the property, not looking just for loose change.

Soon? If you leave the city now, you can start the treasure hunt before dinner.

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